What Works: Transforming Conditions and Health Outcomes for Boys and Men of Color

by Jeremy Lahoud; Julie Quiroz

Oct 11, 2013

What Works is a guide to best practices and movement-building lessons learned from the surge of efforts to improve life conditions and health outcomes for boys and men of color in California. The report lifts up effective on-the-ground efforts to place the practices in a broader context in a way that can be applicable not only to work in California, but across the nation.

  • By developing relationships and opening dialogue among public systems leaders, community leaders, and young men of color, many local initiatives are raising awareness of the issues facing boys and men of color and sharing information and resources.
  • The focus on building collaborative efforts and coalitions is a common theme among local initiatives and is especially critical in efforts to change systemic policies and institutional practices.
  • Most of the local initiatives have given rise to effective practices and models that intentionally build the leadership capacity and social power of boys and young men of color.
  • Successful advocacy and organizing campaigns have achieved policy victories that promote positive alternatives to punitive discipline and enforcement-focused practices in the arenas of schools and public safety.