This report looks at the "enormous survival challenges facing Black males of all ages in communities across Baltimore." The recommendations presented in this initial report are intended to establish a blueprint that can be used to focus city-wide collaborations and refine programmatic strategies to realistically address the alarming challenges faced by Black male youth.

  • The report recommends the launching of a Capacity Building and Sustainability Incubator (CBSI) to strengthen the organizational capacity and financial sustainability of a select number of grassroots organizations currently working with Black male youth and adults. To participate in the CBSI, and to be eligible for any funds and technical assistance/ongoing coaching, the organizations would commit to a year-long process.
  • Additionally, the report found investing in the capacity building of grassroots organizations would strengthen the sector and build the community-based infrastructure that is needed to change the narrative around Black male youth in Baltimore.
  • The effectiveness of Baltimore’s grassroots providers serving Black male youth is essential to improve outcomes for Black men and boys. Acknowledging the vital role of these programs means a commitment to strengthening the performance and capacity of the organizations to deliver effective services and results that successfully engage and support Black male youth.
  • The lack of clarity around the importance of meaningful collaboration, lack of data collection protocols, lack of investment -- both financial and training -- and fragmented field of providers limits the understanding of the number of Black male youths being served and the ability for organizations to serve them.