Transforming the Educational Experience of Young Men of Color

Mar 1, 2012

The first of a four-volume series on the role of school counseling in the education of young men of color, this report includes short essays, student-produced artwork, and an interview on the topic.
  • A social justice-based approach to school counseling is one in which counselors identify marginalized groups and actively challenge school policies and practices that hinder the success of those students. Individualized or group-based counseling in this framework can be strengths-based or empowerment-based.
  • By enabling the creation and maintenance of symbols, art can help young black males develop positive identities and pursue academic success.
  • The Meyerhoff Program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, supports black male success in STEM using a strengths-based approach, building community among students, and coaching them to interview effectively for university admissions.
  • The Hombre Noble Club leads to positive outcomes for Latino students in California by validating the history of their people and giving them role models, a thriving community, and leadership roles.
  • As it is a cultural tendency for Pacific Islanders to nurture and maintain a positive social relationship once it is established, school counselors and teachers can become increasingly influential with Pacific Islander students as they assist them and interact with their parents and family.