Setting the Tables: An Inquiry Into Commissions Targeting Males of Color

Jun 1, 2012

This issue of GCYF's Insight publication centers on commissions targeting males of color, describing them as "tables" where multiple entities come together, exchange ideas, and organize as a coherent unit. The report provides examples of various types of commissions focused on males of color, offers lessons learned, and makes specific recommendations for grantmakers.

  • The ideal commission has multisector representation, has both access to decisionmakers and independence from elected officials or bureaucracies, and is rooted in its local context.
  • Grantmakers should create venues where commissions from different regions can share best practices and lessons learned with each other.
  • Grantmakers should target interventions based on race and gender. Without this focus it is possible that funders are supporting great work but not directly reaching the populations they wish to serve.
  • Designated philanthropic resources are needed to put best practices into action, not just identify and document disparities.