Preventing Delinquency and Promoting Academic Success among School-Age African American Males

by Ivory A. Toldson; Rikesha L. Brown; Ryan M. Sutton

Jul 1, 2012

This study explores delinquency related factors that have a relationship with educational outcomes for Black males. The findings suggest that reducing behaviors associated with delinquency improves academic performance across all races.

  • Across all racial groups, good academic performance is related to fewer experiences with bullying, fighting, and weapon use.
  • Feeling safe at school is associated with improved academic functioning, and Black students across levels of academic achievement generally feel less safe than white students.
  • Black students were less likely to report being bullied or carrying a weapon, and more likely to report fighting and feeling unsafe at school.
  • Schools and neighborhoods should enact policies that build connections between schools and communities to improve feelings of security.