Momentum: Sustaining Efforts to Improve Life Outcomes Among African-American Males

by Marcus Littles; Micah Gilmer; Ryan Bowers

Dec 1, 2008

A follow-up to the report, "Why We Can't Wait", this report defines effective philanthropic work in the area of black males, surveys the landscape of efforts underway, discusses challenges and opportunities to advance effective approaches, and outlines a plan of action for individuals and institutions.
  • Black males work: acknowledges the injustice of unequal race and gender outcomes; seeks to address the injustice of race and gender disparities; employs targeted strategies; uses a race- and gender-specific metric to evaluate success; and engages work through a race + gender lens.
  • Opportunities for action include providing infrastructure, creating networks of support, and increasing capacity.
  • Important but under-resourced areas in black male philanthropy include access to affordable housing, gender-based violence, and political enfranchisement.
  • Challenges include the limitations of "males of color" as a framing tool, lack of institutional leadership, potential for black male fatigue, and prioritizing gender equity while still focusing on black males.