Mayor's Commission on African-American Males: Recommendations Report, February 2014

Feb 24, 2014

In 2011, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter relaunched the Mayor's Commission on African-American Males (MCAAM) to study conditions faced by Black men and boys and to make recommendations on how to affect positive outcomes. This publication was the first report submitted to the Mayor and highlights the key activities of the commission, presents the "birth to opportunity pipeline," and recommends policies to improve outcomes for African-American males in the city.
  • A key area of opportunity is promoting healing and wellness in communities, taking into consideration the impact of intergenerational trauma.
  • Another important area of opportunity is ensuring equitable access to education and increasing academic achievement.
  • A third critical issue is increasing economic development opportunities, including cultivating a Black male-developed technology community.
  • The report recommends the creation of a Black Male Achievement Life Outcomes Dashboard – a leading source of data on indicators that track opportunity during the life course.