As a follow-up to the 2014 recommendations report, the Philadelphia Mayor's Commission on African-American Males (MCAAM) submitted this annual report to highlight the group's actions thus far and to make further recommendations. The report also presents a data snapshot of Black males in Philadelphia in the areas of education, health, safety, family, and employment.
  • One priority of the MCAAM is to create legislation ensuring that the MCAAM become a permanent Committee. The bill is currently under review, and a hearing is scheduled for Fall 2015.
  • Another priority of the MCAAM is to ensure that Philadelphia's anchor institutions (e.g., hospitals, universities, etc.) provide more opportunities for African-American men, not only as recipients of services but also as vendors, partners, decision-makers, and stakeholders. Efforts are underway to collect disaggregated data, in partnership with the Office of Economic Opportunity.
  • Beginning in January 2015, coinciding with National Mentoring Month, MCAAM launched the Rebuilding the Village initiative, a series of wellness and healing conversations with Black men and boys in three neighborhoods. Next steps include evaluating the program and seeking opportunities to replicate the model in more communities.