Male Teachers of Color Take a Lesson From Each Other

by Travis J. Bristol

Oct 1, 2015

The paper focuses on how schools and districts can better support Black male teachers, based on the experiences of the Male Teachers of Color Network, a part of the Boston Teacher Residency program. The group's theory of action was that professional development focused on addressing the unique challenges of male teachers of color would help these teachers develop tools and strategies to navigate their school environment. More importantly, these male teachers of color would be better able to focus on creating conditions that facilitated learning for students, the majority of whom were of color and from working class families.
  • Black men have one of the highest rates of turnover in the teaching profession.
  • Through monthly meetings with fellow male teachers of color, group members provided each other with support and feedback on teaching practices and dilemmas faced in the classroom.
  • What made the Boston Teacher Residency Male Educators of Color Network unique was the opportunity to have a space to share and receive support around challenges faced as a result of their racial and gender identity.
  • Participants also learned strategies to improve learning conditions for students who have historically stood on the margins and enhanced their own tool kits for navigating their work environments.