Introducing African American Male Theory

by Edward C. Bush

Apr 1, 2013

African American Male Theory (AAMT) is a theoretical framework that can be used to articulate the position and trajectory of African American boys and men in society. The creators of AAMT sue this paper to introduce their framework in and view it as an opportunity for their theory to take root in the academy and in communities of Black men.

  • AAMT has 6 key tenets. Tenet #1: the individual and collective experiences of Black boys and men's lives are best analyzed using an ecological systems approach.
  • Tenet #2: There is something unique about being male and of African descent.
  • Tenet #3: The study of African American men and boys must be anchored in Africa because African culture and consciousness persistently impact Black boys and men.
  • Tenet #4: African American boys and men are resilient and resistant.
  • Tenet #5: Race and racism coupled with classism and sexism have a profound impact on every aspect of the lives of African American boys and men.
  • Tenet #6: The focus and purpose of programs concerning African American boys and men should be the pursuit of social justice.