Facts Matter! Black Lives Matter! The Trauma of Racism

by Amanda Alcantara; Dan Ferris; Danielle Cummings; Dottie Lebron; Gary Parker; Laura Morrison; Mary McKay

Jan 1, 2015

This report is a summary of select research on the blocked opportunities and oppressive burden that young men of color experience. The authors hope that these findings fuel action by our government leaders, policy makers, advocacy and provider organizations and communities. In addition, this report highlights select promising policy and programmatic interventions that could provide steps to address the serious inequities that appear to be fueling the accumulating number of young men of color whose lives are cut short by violence or diminished by lack of opportunities, resources and supports.
  • Boys and men of color face unique and systemic challenges that negatively affect their own lives, as well as those of their families and communities. These challenges require immediate action through policy changes and innovative programming.
  • When you consider mass incarceration, employment disparities, and the achievement gap, racism in the lives of Black males bears resemblance to trauma given its injurious effect to their socio-economic prospects and the powerlessness it can evoke.
  • Structural community conditions contribute to the oppression experienced by communities of color. Community loss creates an environment that compounds stress and results in barriers to economic and health parity with better resourced neighborhoods.