Education, Employment, and Health Outcomes for Black Boys and Young Men: Opportunities for Research and Advocacy Collaboration

by Rhonda Bryant

Jun 12, 2013

In May 2013, CLASP's Partnership Circle and the Scholars Network on Black Masculinity convened 32 nationally recognized researchers and policy advocates, who identified areas of potential influence in crafting policy solutions for black male adolescents and opportunities to act individually and collectively to advance work in these areas.
  • A framework and consistent message must be developed to elevate particular education, employment, and health issues in national policy conversations.
  • The number of voices on issues of education, employment pathways, and health of black boys and young men must be increased.
  • A strategy to address the issue of cultural competence in schools must be developed.
  • Model approaches, policies, and programmatic interventions that strengthen outcomes for black boys and young men must be identified and elevated.
  • Communities must be empowered to take leadership roles to demand policy change locally.
  • Access to data must inform policy decisions.
  • The image of black male adolescents must be reframed to increase public will for reforms to policy and practice.
  • The social-emotional wellness of black young men must be strengthened to improve their outcomes in school, work, and health.