Cultivating Change: A Statistical Review of Grantmaking That Impacts the Lives of Black Men and Boys

by Michael S. Easterling

Jun 29, 2008

Based on a survey of 24 foundations distributing 120 grants for black men and boys, the report analyzes foundation and grant characteristics, provides implications for philanthropy, and lists the grants used in the dataset.
  • Of the sampled grants, 47 percent were directed toward education, 34 percent toward advocacy/organizing, and 11 percent toward media/production.
  • The primary uses of funds were operating support (52 percent of grants), specific programs/services (38 percent), and technical assistance (3 percent).
  • The top grant locations (where program activity took place) were the South (26 percent) and the Midwest (25 percent); 20 percent of grants went to the West, and 12 percent to the Northeast.