This report looks at community violence that affects young African-American men and boys.  It also provides goals that should be achieved and practices that contribute to community transformation as to make the cities safer for Black males. The report focuses on ways to implement a comprehensive, public health approach to violence and showcases some effective practices.

  • Homicides are the leading cause of death for young Black men and boys aged 15-24.
  • Besides its impact on the African-American males’ well-being and the trauma it inflicts on families and communities, violence has enormous economic costs.
  • Programs and policies to reduce violence include: employing a comprehensive, public health approach; engaging youth, family, and community; bolstering family support; improving education outcomes for young black males; expanding trauma-enforced practice; building an inclusive economy that incorporates job and career opportunities for young African-American men and boys; interrupting the cycle of community violence at the neighborhood level; and reshaping the criminal and juvenile systems.