After identifying black boys as the population that is the least well served by U.S. public education, the Schott Foundation hosted a conference which determined that public policy, community efforts, and the public would be necessary to reverse this outcome. The report presents findings on how to build a social movement and includes worksheets to serve as a template.
  • The black boys education reform movement must more successfully incorporate black boys themselves.
  • The campaign must have very clear demands. This should include an analysis of what caused the problem, details of how the solution would work, and a system for tracking and measuring the results.
  • Local initiatives that have had positive results in this area include focuses on improving student-teacher-parent relationships, pumping resources into schools, and involving public health and housing departments.
  • There was not a clear consensus on whether a successful movement should explicitly fight for reform for black boys in its campaign rhetoric or use the language of "most vulnerable population."
  • The movement should consider making demands on parents and communities rather than relying on the larger educational system alone.