"A Gathering of Leaders 2013" was a three-day conference convening 200 social change leaders working to improve opportunities for boys and men of color. This report is a follow-up to the conference, highlighting the insights, recommendations, victories, struggles, and lessons learned of participants.

  • The theme of the conference – Learn, Build, Move – focused on knowledge sharing, strategy coordination, and action planning on behalf of males of color.
  • The field contains researchers, policymakers, funders, practitioners, journalists, and social entrepreneurs all across the country who are passionate leaders dedicated to the work; there is potential for tension among the various actors but also opportunities for exciting collaborations.
  • The narrative of young men of color must be reframed, myths must be debunked, and males of color must have opportunities to have control of their own stories.
  • Success for males of color must become the norm and not the exception.
  • Among the many challenging questions, one dominates: How do we build public will about males of color?