2010 Census of Male-Focused Programs: A Snapshot of Programs and Organizations Supporting American Males

Oct 1, 2010

This paper analyzes the findings of a survey taken by over 300 organizations across the U.S. who engage in male-focused programs and initiatives. It discusses the organizational capacity of the survey respondents, services they provide, demographic groups they serve, and geographic areas they support.

  • The majority of respondent organizations had been operating for over 10 years, an encouraging finding given the history of attrition that exists in this area..
  • Operating budgets were generally modest, though not considerably lower than those of public charities overall.
  • The top three categories in which organizations reported providing services were educational services (78 percent), violence prevention (45 percent), and employment services (43 percent).
  • Ninety-five percent of the organizations reported working with African-American males.