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Building Place-Based Initiatives for Boys and Men of Color and Vulnerable Populations: A Community Planning Guide

September 1, 2015

This guide provides information about how communities can implement the next phase of achieving priority outcomes for boys and men of color. It focuses on two critical areas of work: 1) how to conduct a policy review and formulate recommendations for action and 2) how to develop an action plan. The following sections contain specific guidelines for taking these next steps. In addition, the appendices include a template for organizing the policy review and suggested components of the action plan.

Boys and Men of Color; Neighborhoods and Communities

Building Financially Secure Futures: An Approach for Boys and Men of Color

April 20, 2015

This research brief examines the economic and financial challenges facing boys and men of color and lifts up asset-building strategies that can be integrated with targeted services for this group. It also highlights successful practices that are already addressing financial challenges at a community level and draws from these practices to inform policy recommendations.

Boys and Men of Color; Employment; Neighborhoods and Communities; Poverty

Accelerating Results for Black Males: Ensuring Black Males Are Succesful Early Readers

March 24, 2014

A follow-up to Accelerating Results for Black Males: A Resource Guide for Promise Neighborhoods, this guide features successful practices and programs that place black boys in the first eight years of their lives on a path to educational achievement.

Education; Neighborhoods and Communities

Accelerating Results for Black Males: A Resource Guide for Promise Neighborhoods

June 24, 2013

The first in a series to help communities promote black male achievement, this resource guide provides tools for Promise Neighborhoods to systematically evaluate and respond to the particular needs of black male children. The paper identifies essential data to collect, suggests data sources, provides steps to structuring performance management systems, and offers a results-based framework for using data to plan and implement effective strategies.

Education; Neighborhoods and Communities

The Promise of a Healthy California: Overcoming the Barriers for Men and Boys of Color

April 1, 2010

PolicyLink argues for a community approach to expanding opportunities for men and boys of color, acknowledging the importance of "place" to ultimate life outcomes. The report takes key conclusions from "Building Equalizing Schools" and expands on it with recommendations for developing public will and building a platform and infrastructure for action.

Boys and Men of Color; Civic Engagement and Advocacy; Crime and Justice; Education; Health; Neighborhoods and Communities; Philanthropy

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