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Beyond Plight: Defining Pathways to Optimal Development for Black Men and Boys Across the Life Course

January 1, 2017

Beyond Plight: Defining Pathways to Optimal Development for Black Men and Boys across the Life Course is ABFE's contribution for creating better lives for us, and, by extension, our world. It is a long title, which challenges us to look beyond quick solutions. The observations and recommendations within Beyond Plight were based upon input from funders and practitioners who have invested resources and brain power into better outcomes for Black men and boys – some for their entire professional careers. We connected with key thought leaders, whose names you find on page three. These are people who have been committed to this work for some time and even invoke their lived & shared experiences – this isn't theory. It also continues the work of practitioners who looked into the early childhood aspects of optimal development, through our previously released report, titled, "Exceeding Expectations: A Shared Vision for Impact and Definitions of Success for Black Men and Boys".

Identity; Philanthropy

Current Black Men and Boys Investments in California: A Landscape Scan

August 1, 2012

The landscape of California philanthropy for black men and boys presented in this report is promising: It reveals a wide variety of innovative investments, potential for further coordination, and ways that efforts in California can be linked to work being done nationally.

Civic Engagement and Advocacy; Neighborhoods and Communities; Philanthropy

Cultivating Change: A Statistical Review of Grantmaking That Impacts the Lives of Black Men and Boys

June 29, 2008

Based on a survey of 24 foundations distributing 120 grants for black men and boys, the report analyzes foundation and grant characteristics, provides implications for philanthropy, and lists the grants used in the dataset.

Civic Engagement and Advocacy; Crime and Justice; Education; Fatherhood; Health; Media and the Arts; Philanthropy; Poverty

Stepping Up and Stepping Out: Profiles of Philanthropy Responding to an American Crisis

April 1, 2008

Stepping Up and Stepping Out profiles three philanthropic organizations that are making investments with a specific intent to create opportunities for black males: A Legacy of Tradition, Chicago Community Trust, and Schott Foundation for Public Education.

Civic Engagement and Advocacy; Education; Philanthropy

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