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February 1, 2020

CBMA's Health and Healing Strategies builds strategic engagement of educators, parents/ families, and community members who have various levels of direct engagement with African American male youth - those who make up the "village" or what Dr. Martin Luther King referred to as the "beloved community" who guide and shape the lives of Black boys. Recognizing that these individuals have an impactful role in the lives of youth, BMA HHS focuses on increasing knowledge and skillsets around strategies for improved physical and emotional health and overall wellness for this "beloved community." By building the capacity of those with daily direct interaction with Black men and boys, BMA HHS increases the likeliness that positive and healthy behaviors will be modeled with the young men, providing opportunities for them to build knowledge and tools toward health and healing as well. The approach toward this engagement of the "beloved community" is centered around four targeted areas:1. Provide caregivers of children with healingcentered engagement strategies.2. Recruit and train Black males to facilitate Wellness Mentoring Circles aimed at improving schooling and youth development outcomes of Black boys and young men of color.3. Implement culturally responsive teacher training and professional development designed to improve classroom management and reduce stress for school personnel and caregivers.4. Provide resources for strategic communication toward asset-based narrative change to guide members on how to increase healthy and healing lifestyles for themselves and the young men they serve.

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