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Interventions for Reducing Violence and its Consequences for Young Black Males in America

August 1, 2017

Building on Cities United 2016 report: Violence Trends, Patterns and Consequences for Black Males in America: A Call to Action, this report presents the results of an extensive scan of the research literature relating to violence prevention interventions. It identifies programs and practices that have proven effecting in reducing violence and violent deaths among African American males. It illustrates that evidence-based interventions exist that can be implemented in our families, schools, places of employment, hospitals and communities. These interventions can prevent violence rather than simply meting out punishment in its wake. In its conclusion, the report offers a summary of its findings and recommendations to help inform local violence prevention efforts across the nation.

Health; Neighborhoods and Communities

Violence Trends, Patterns And Consequences For Black Males In America: A Call To Action

January 1, 2016

Summarizing and marshalling the latest scientific research, this report focuses on identifying the patterns, predictors, and interventions for reducing violence among Black males in the United States. The report provides trend data on violent offenses and victimization among young Black males and shows how the exposure to violence profoundly undermines their cognitive, educational, and mental wellbeing and increases the likelihood that they will commit acts of violence in the future.

Boys and Men of Color; Education

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