This executive summary – released by 11 foundations – provides a plan to maximize the potential of the private sector to work collectively with the public sector to improve life outcomes for America's boys and young men of color. The report outlines goals, identifies strategies for achieving those goals, and announces key initiatives and funding partnerships.
  • Goal 1: All boys and young men of color are healthy – socially, emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and physically.
  • Goal 2: All boys and young men of color are taught in rigorous, effective, culturally relevant, engaging, and supportive school environment.
  • Goal 3: All boys and young men of color graduate from high school and postsecondary education prepared for success in their careers.
  • Goal 4: Boys and young men of color's exposure to harm from the juvenile and criminal justice systems is dramatically reduced.
  • Cross-sector strategies to improve outcomes for boys and young men of color include promoting youth leadership; changing harmful stereotypes; expanding place-based efforts; and building a pipeline of data, research, and innovation.